We continue to run to support ourselves mentally, because running is a universal and effective tool that helps us maintain psychological balance and keep ourselves in shape during this difficult time. Along with this, we help the Armed Forces. You, too, join in!

On March 24, 2024, Run Ukraine opens the new running season with a powerful start, which will take place in the capital of Ukraine — Kyiv Unbroken Ten 2024.

Kyiv Unbroken Ten 2024 will be the first stage of the Running League 2024 from Run Ukraine. The event will be held in two formats: offline and online. Offline participants will meet in Kyiv to overcome a distance of 5, 10 or 1.6 km and receive commemorative medals for their participation. It will be possible to join the race in online format in any city of Ukraine or the world.

50% of the profit will be transferred to purchasing an artillery pickup truck for the 3rd separate assault brigade — for the defenders who took part in liberating Kherson.